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Admiral's Report

Starting a Star Citizen Organization.

The first 28 days.

Our first milestone has passed and the Eagle River Syndicate is now 28 days old. I can't say that it has been fun all the way, as I really didn't want to be setting up a new Organization at all! However, we went from nothing to a fully functional organization with great leadership and great members within days.

Eagle River has a fully functioning website, discord and structure. We're geared up and ready for increasing our numbers and we know how to do that well.

ORG Statistics

How did we grow so fast?

The sad part of the story is that our entire command staff and many of our members migrated from another org. Our knowledge on how to run large organizations and the people who chose to come with us has obviously helped with the rapid set-up and growth of Eagle River. It was incredibly satisfying to see that this team also contributed so much, to get our old org into the 40 chosen by CIG for their showcase (which, of course, ran exactly as we split off). There is no bad blood and we wish them well.

Whilst playing yesterday, I noticed a small 6 man organization flooding the chat with phrases like 'Our logistics team will have to get involved there' and 'We can arrange a fleet escort'. This isn't a good way to recruit people as it takes 30 seconds to see you're a paper tiger.

Organizational growth needs to be controlled and you need to be able to deliver on your promises, you need enough capable officers to manage their areas of responsibility and a steady growth of active players. Taking in every Tom, Dick and Harriet is all very well but if they're not active they're of no use to you apart from making your paper tiger look bigger.

I'm pleased to say that every single one of our members has been active within the last 28 days - if they weren't then they wouldn't be in the org! Our training programs and barriers to entry on our branches ensure that people are dedicated and capable. 10 active players beats 200 who never logon!

Will we continue to grow?

For sure. We have put all the necessary people and processes in place to allow a steady growth and we're happy to take on new active members.

What have been the biggest challenges?

CIG! Quite simply the announcement of the wipe for 3.17.2 has taken the wind out of everyone's sails. Nobody is interested in making money and many are taking a break from the game ready to put all their effort in again once the new patch drops.

Choosing a name needed to be a fast process and the most creative suggestion from the brainstorming won. The decision was made before we even announced that we were setting up the org. However, choosing a uniform was delegated to the Org and they rallied round on this with 1Ender taking up the reigns to ensure that everything went quickly and smoothly.

Throughout the last month, Branch captains have been responsible for their own activities and we've delegated as much as possible to move forward fast. Our command team have been involved in all the major decisions and our entire org have been involved wherever possible. We'll keep this up as it works well.

Personal highlights

For me the personal highlights of the last month have been:

  • The loyalty of our command team, I never expected to create the org and certainly not to have the entire team come with me!

  • Our members, how many of them came and rapidly got involved

  • One of our member's 'Part-Time-Hitman' adventures on YouTube, being one of the best bits of content I've seen produced for the game in a long time

  • The speed at which we've been able to make decisions and move forward

Closing thoughts

I'm really happy to say the Eagle River Syndicate is on a good path, we will continue to grow and enjoy all that the game has to offer. We can't wait for 3.17.2 to drop so we can start building the org and our members back up to full power. We're all ready for the wipe and if you want to join us for the new start then now is a great time to get the application in!

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