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About the fleet

The Eagle River Syndicate fleet is primarily a PvP function. Whilst the fleet provide training to all of our less ship-combat focused teams, the fleet itself is there to keep the sky and space above it safe, free and clear for our operations.

The fleet is not just a place where we hang out and look cool or a place where we have to duck to avoid all the underwear that gets thrown at them, it is a place of hard work and dedication. The journey from zero to hero is a long and arduous one, only those with the drive to succeed and the attitude of a winner will make it.

Before applying to the fleet you have to:


You must also:

  • Have access to a GLADIUS in both Arena Commander  (it can be rented) and the PU (low cost in-game purchase)

  • Have your CONTROLS set up ready this way

  • Have READ the flight basics of the Zero to Hero flight manual

Only when you have COMPLETED these steps you can book a time for your assessment with a member of fleet leadership.

You first month.

You will be Expected to fly a GLADIUS (ideally in your assessment) and then for 1 month EXCLUSIVELY.

We firmly believe this helps you perfect your ship control before you move on to other ships. It also gets our recruits out of the 'if it's bigger it must be better' mentality! You don’t just get a shiny new uniform when you join the fleet, you gain a responsibility to be the best!

"Fleet like to consider themselves the most important part of the Eagle River Syndicate, we can tolerate that... Providing, they stay ahead of the pack."

Admiral Kalgurth


Your journey begins and your progression is measured, you will have the opportunity to rampage through the verse with us, learn to fight alongside other pilots, engage in 1v1's to hone skills and build the mentality and attitude required to be a high-ranking pilot. 

This stage of your training is about setting the foundations for your future career. 


  • Don't rush through and make sure you spend time facing off against those of a higher skill level, it all is leading to glory. 

  • Join in the group fights and when no one is on hit arena commander and practice aim and control. 

  • Any time you can start a room called fleet training to attract members of fleet to assist in training. This can consist of 1v1, low flying, PU murder spree’s, Bounty Hunting, Group fights, Swarms, Races or anything else that you can think of. 

The more numbers you get to turn up the better your training will get and it's not like we don't have the active players! So join the fleet and get out there! Get 1% better every day. Get shot down 9 times and get up 10.


Every death is a chance for you to improve and everyone in Fleet Purple is happy to give you some 1v1 practice and to help raise you up, just ask!


The first test, becoming an Airman:

In order to gain your wings and become an Airman of the fleet, you must first pass the Airman test. You will be invited to take this test when the fleet command team judge you ready.


Using a Gladius you must:


  • Make a CLEAN run over 3 laps on the Rikkord Memorial Raceway in a time of 2:05 or better .

  • Complete a pirate swarm (including hammer head kill) without losing a life.

If you fail at either of these criteria you will have to wait a week to retest!

Training really starts at Airman. The next milestone is Wingman.

For this you must:

  • Show an aptitude for PVP 

  • Engage in Arena Commander PVP training sessions

  • Engage in PU battles alongside squad mates 

  • Take opportunities to practice PVP with other members of the fleet 

  • Improve skills and learn how to be the best 

  • Be a mentor to ensigns and help them to attain Airman status 

  • Ideally hold a rep 5+ with Vaugn

When fleet command think you're ready, you'll be invited to take the wingman test. Which will involve taking on  the fleet Captain Scat_happens in a PvP duel. The Airman will have 2 lives and Capt. Scat_happens will have 1 life.

Keeping up.

All fleet members are expected to stay on top of their game and to ensure that we run a monthly top gun competition. Participation is compulsory and you must fight at least 25% of the available pilots in the top gun tournament each month.


Failure to fight 25% of the matches will result in a strike, 3 strikes and you are washed out of the fleet. 

Current Top Gun Champion: DazeHaze (airman)

The Fleet Command Team:

If you want to reach out to the command team feel free to contact them directly on our discord.

Captain of the fleet - Scat_happens (EU): Overall fleet management, coordination & control, with lots of hands on!

Commander - Gank_Flakenstein (US): Combat support ships, larger vessels and turret boats

Commander - SpaceZebra (EU): Strategic planning, specialist ships and weapons, game theory and racing

Commander - Degans (US): Onboarding, mentoring new players

LT. Commander - Stocken (EU): Control, low-flying and racing

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