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Are you one of the specialists we need?

New Players

If you're new to the verse and looking to make your first space-bucks and first friends, we can help.

The Eagle River Syndicate has a strong crew that take part in the RSI guide initiative to help new players find their way. We also have a wealth of information and resources to help our newer players.

If you want to learn the game, have fun and get access to fantastic money making opportunities then put in your application right away!

With our org induction, we'll turn you into a real Star Citizen faster than you can say, "I wish I hadn't set my spawn point at Orison". 

Do you have what it takes?

If you have what it takes, then reach out to us. 

We're always looking for great people and new friends.


If you enjoy the game and want a really good group to play with, then get on our discord and fill out the application form! 

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