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Ready for 3.18? Our latest survey results show that we are!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

As we move into the next Star Citizen patch, we decided to take a look at the activity within the Eagle River Syndicate and see what our team thought of us! We decided to make the results public.

A little under half of our members took the time to fill out the survey and we're very happy that so many helped us out. It's enough to show the trends!


Firstly, we asked a couple of questions around 3.17 / 3.18 plans, we had noticed that waiting on 3.18 had reduced our day-to-day activity levels - and the survey really confirmed this. We attribute this to the poor quality of the 3.17 patch cycle and also the news of the ever-impending wipe.

1 - Strongly Disagree, 5 - Strongly Agree


We did however see that our members were still active in our discord and whenever we put together large events. Infact we were always over-subscribed for big events, sometimes having to create 2 teams rather than just the one planned!

1 - Strongly Disagree, 5 - Strongly Agree


We still have a little under 40% of our members where we would like to see increased voice activity during casual play, but we also know that the motivation to join discord grows really quickly when a few people are already in the chat. Even these numbers may be slightly misleading as we usually have 10-15 people on most nights even with 3.17!

1 - Strongly Disagree, 5 - Strongly Agree


We asked about playing with the team. We asked for detailed comments on what we could do to improve the experience and motivate more. The state of the game (especially 3.17 patch) was the greatest reason for marking enjoyment of team play down.

1 - Strongly Disagree, 5 - Strongly Agree


How would our members rate us an org? Well see for yourselves:

Scale 1-10 / 10


We asked why people gave us the ratings they did, here are a some of the answers...

I like the people and enjoy the time together.

Cause we've learn what not to do from other orgs lol

There is always room for improvement.

I have tried a few orgs, small to large, over the years. This is the first time I felt like people truly want to help and are friendly.

My current flat situation makes it hard to use a mic and thus getting involved. Tried to give a neutral rating since it's not on your side.

Well Organised Org with a keen eye to detail, you guys have created a brilliant space to allow people to come together and try things out as part of a team. And I look forward to future events!

A good distribution of personalities. a Solid command structure. Good comms.

Always provide good content and the team are always fun to play with and really helpful

As a whole, you guys have been super helpful and made me fall back in love with SC !!!! i appreciate all you have taught me

my only org experience so far but it's good XD

The community and leadership is what makes it great.

Everyone is so friendly and accommodating and generally helpful.

ohh let me count the ways of how great it is and has been in the eagles , they all are kind to the new player and willing to help .. no man left behind , THEY truly got your back, even in a game 1,000 miles apart you will be treated as friend and family . having a extremely organized mining and industry , there fleet is second to none . and the crayon eaters omfg the greatest division in the whole org . that guy hatsville very awesome and knows his shit .. and about our leader Kal . words can not describe how much i admire this man . always very calm cool and collective , even in the face of madness he has your back, and listens to all aspects and views dealing with the org or even personal .. i will stop here, but the list is so long this post will 30k if i continue .. thank you eagle river for having me aboard..

Never a dull day. Everyone is friendly.

We're ambitious as an org without turning the game into another 9-5. The groups intermingle and teach each other to help orgmates grow.

Leadership is what leadership should be. Org is taken seriously but not too seriously.. All is perfect. Just wish I could participate more on the +6 schedule.

You have welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to see the fun side of playing star citizen

Let's just say that the bar was a pretty low one to measure by (Joking) Seriously though, the limited time I have spent in chat has been great. Nice people, no toxicity. Nothing to change so far.

Friendly and knowledgeable with lots of members


I love how the organisation is coming along but there are just one or two things that could see needing improvement

I think it will be a 10 when 3.18 hits and I get more involved in events

Inclusive. Caring. Supportive. Empathetic. Energetic and Passionate

I think for me its because its kinda hard to relate to a multi-national org. Although you are nice guys

The org events are always very fun and planned out

The state of the union seems positive, there's always work to do but we feel we're on the right track. Over 50% of our respondents also offered to help more with the org, which allows us to continue to grow and take on new players as well as veterans.

We're all ready for 3.18, teams have been out in the PTU doing the science that will let us hit the ground running and we've already had a series of command meetings to put together events to get our teams up to full strength as quickly as possible in the game. We've also lined up some inter-org events when everyone has their equipment up to spec again after the wipe!

We're very pleased with the way The Eagle River Syndicated has developed since we formed and hope to continue this way!


If the voices of our members have given you more insight into the type of org we are and you want to be a part of it then you can apply to join us!

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