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  • Why should I join?
    We believe Star Citizen should be played with friends. Big space battles, multicrew ships and exciting ground combat are just some of the things that make the game appeal. However, the game needs more than friends. To get the most out of it, you need to play with people who create activities within the sandbox that CIG have provided. We do that.
  • Can I join if I'm a member of other orgs?
    The Eagle River Syndicate is advertised as an exclusive org for two reasons: We have had bad experience of 'joint memberships' in the past. We prefer to pick and choose our relationships with other orgs carefully and we won't be influenced by members affiliations. We do not believe that it is possible to spread your time between a number of orgs and still excel as part of our team. As such if you are a member of more than EYRIE you will not be eligible to be an officer in the org. We therefore removed the possibility of conflict of interest by becoming 'exclusive'. We are always flexible, so approach us and we can look on a case by case basis. We are of course aware that there are a number of 'pseudo orgs' such as the various ship owners clubs and Evocati that do not fall into this category and you may still apply if you have such memberships. We're proud to be Eagles and we stand by what we do in the game. So whatever the case, we always want Eagle River set as a visible main org.
  • What are the primary requirements of membership?
    The prime requirements are: - You should be a team player who enjoys working with others - You should own a headset / mic and must be willing to join our comms channels - You should be engaged with the org, jumping in parties and joining on org members as much as possible - You should be prepared to help your org mates and the org And the big one: - Don't be a dick. We can write so many behavioral attributes, but it really boils down to this.
  • I don't use voice comms, can I still join?
    You can still join us but you will not be able to take part in many of our activities, quite simply because it's impossible to coordinate by typing.
  • I am under 18 can I apply?
    Yes, you can apply providing you are over 15. We will not accept any players under 15. We aim to take players over 18, but in some exceptional circumstances we will take younger players, providing they are sponsored by an existing member of the Syndicate. Your sponsor must be a player in good standing and must be over the age of 18.
  • How long does it take to get my application processed?
    We have a team that work on the applications and between them they cover all timezones to make it easy to find a slot for an interview with you. We get to all requests within a few hours (provided they have raised the discord ticket), but it sometimes takes a little longer to arrange a chat. Please be patient!
  • How do I join?
    Get on our discord so we get to know you a bit then simply go to the join us page on this website and fill out the form. Once you've done that: 1. We'll set up an interview with you 2. We'll talk you through the RSI joining process it's easy!
  • Why are we called The Eagle River Syndicate?
    Quite simply because we're hotshots:
  • Is the Eagle River Syndicate a pirate org?
    As we explain on this site, we'll do a bit of everything to make profit and have fun. We work under letters of marque for the planetary governments within the verse, at the same time as carrying out legitimate business. We don't always ask where are cargo comes from or who it is for. So no we're not simply a pirate org, we're a true Syndicate with fingers in many pies. Are we happy to remove cargo from other players? You bet!
  • Who are the key contacts?
    The key contacts are: Kalgurth - Admiral Scat_happens - Captain of the fleet 1Ender - Captain of trade and industry Hatzville - Captain of the marines Quandax - Captain of medical Diplomatic contact should be requested via our discord.
  • Do I have to join a branch?
    No, we are quite happy for you to join the Syndicate as an Eagle and get involved in events without joining a specialist branch. We recommend that new players take some time before choosing a branch and get to experience as much of the game as possible. Joining the Syndicate without a branch is ideal for casual players who don't have the time to specialize and develop. As you rise up through the branches the necessary commitment to the game increases.
  • I'm not sure which branch I should join, can you recommend one?
    Our branches are set around the major game play loops available with Star Citizen. We tend to find that most people's first aim is to accumulate some wealth and buy some cool ships in game. This means our Trade and Industry team are the best placed to help you achieve your goal. If however, you live to kill other players in your spaceship, then you can jump straight into fleet. If you enjoy rescuing people, try medical which is part of the marines. If you are an FPS god, or just enjoy running around with a gun, then Marines are the best loop for you. If you love being the backbone of the org, then you'll want to be in Logistics. An org survives on its equipment and supply lines. Our logistics team excel at keeping us two steps ahead of the enemy.
  • If I join a branch am I locked into that game play loop?
    No, that would be self defeating. We want our members to be good at many things, for that reason we run events for branches that are still open to anyone from within the Syndicate. - A medic may want to be an ace fighter pilot - no problem go along to fleet training sessions - A marine wants to mine to make some money fast - no problem join a mining op. And if you feel you've chosen the wrong branch, then you can simply apply for a transfer and move to another branch at any time.
  • Can I move branches?
    Yes. All you need to do is tell your existing branch captain and raise a request to join another.
  • Are the branches set in stone?
    No. As Star Citizen develops we will continue to adjust our structure to get the most out of the game. We do however, believe we're on a good path and we think our current structure will remain stable for some time.
  • How do I join a branch?
    All Syndicate members have access to raise a ticket within the JOIN-A-BRANCH channel on discord. Simply fill out the form and you'll be sorted out by the branch command team.
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