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Trade & Industry


About Trade & Industry

The Eagle River Syndicate is the financial backbone of our legitimate business empire. Eagle River traders ferry goods wherever a profit can be made.


Our super-efficient mining crews carry out regular ops using Eagle River ships so anyone can get involved from the day they start playing.


Our salvagers pick clean the wrecks that we find or create ourselves.

Your first month.

Trade & Industry are a relaxed and sociable crew and they'll be happy to take you on as many ops as possible to get used to them, their methods and the game dynamics.

You can start you training straight away and will soon be seeing the aUEC flood into your account.

"It amazes me how those guys can spend so much time drinking, using a spreadsheet with a hangover and still make a fortune..."

Admiral Kalgurth


Each of the disciplines within trade and industry has it's own development plan to help players progress and take on more responsibility within the branch.

Full training is given to ensure pilots are capable of flying the large industrial ships without losing valuable resources or time.  Traders are taught to understand the markets, both legal and illegal and Salvagers are taught how to salvage and run operations at scale.



Mining Certifications

Basic Training: ​Trainee
  • How to control the beam.

  • How to extract.

  • Mining calculator.

  • How to scout/scan rocks.


Advanced Training: Specialist


  • Understanding the decay process of quant and understand the timer.

  • Cracking small quant rocks solo with prospector.

  • How to identify Quantanium deposits.

  • How to use mining modules including Handheld Devices.

  • Consumables roles and how to use them.

  • How to use mining modules including Handheld Devices.

  • Understand what rocks are worth mining and why. (mass/%).

  • Understand what distance needs to be from the operation manager to allow cargo extraction.


Expert Training: Large Rocks - Expert Miner


  • How to mine Big rocks 8k+ solo.

  • How to mine Big rocks with a supporting prospector.

  • Understand the standard operations procedures:

    • How to jump to the destination safely;

    • Proper communication with the operation manager;

    • How to be on the lookout for any possible contact;

    • Understand what to do in case an enemy is spotted/under attack;

    • Understand how the procedures change when we enter into a combat scenario;


Master Training: Mole - Master Miner


  • How to operate within a mole.

  • How to work together with extra lasers in a mole to crack a field of rocks effectively.

  • Be able to safely use modules in a mole.

  • How to have 2 moles working in the same field safely.

  • How to effectively and safely extract a field


Operations Training: Operation Manager
  • Calculating shares in a mining operation.

  • Training on refining.

  • Be able to teach and certify other members.

  • Fully understand what a good rock/field is.

  • Commanding a mining operation:

    • Know the loadout of the moles;

    • Fully know the procedures, both in terms of operations as well as when we enter a combat state;

    • Be able to deal with moles exploding and know what to do;

    • Know what to prioritize in different scenarios;

Current Biggest Hardest Rock: Cmdr. 4230

The Trade and Industry Team:

If you want to reach out to the command team feel free to contact them directly on our discord.

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