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Sustainers Of Armies

Who are we?

Logistics within the Eagle River Syndicate is not just about moving goods; it's a symphony of calculated manoeuvres, strategic planning, and meticulous execution. In our Lawful Evil approach, we transcend mere supply chains, embodying a calculated efficiency that propels us to the forefront of Star Citizen's universe. Our Logistics branch, Eagle River Syndicate Logistics, operates under the banner of the Eagle River Loot Goblin PX. This dual entity orchestrates the procurement, production, and sales of supplies with military precision.


We are the unseen architects behind the success of the organization, ensuring every member is well-equipped, every base well-stocked, and every mission flawlessly supported. From the meticulous documentation of inventory to the secure management of vast resources, Eagle River Syndicate Logistics operates seamlessly, providing a crucial backbone for the entire syndicate. Through a tiered ranking system and specialized roles, we create a hierarchy that ensures every logistical aspect is handled by experts in their field


Why EYRIE Logistics the best out there?

Eagle River Syndicate Logistics stands out as the preeminent force in Star Citizen's logistical landscape due to its meticulous organization, strategic prowess, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Unlike many, EYRIE Logistics doesn't merely move goods; it crafts an intricate symphony of procurement, production, and sales with military precision. The dual entity of Eagle River Loot Goblin PX and Eagle River Syndicate Logistics synergizes seamlessly, ensuring every member is not just equipped but empowered for success.

A calculated efficiency that transcends traditional supply chains. The organization boasts a tiered ranking system and specialized roles, creating a hierarchy where every logistical aspect is handled by experts. The team operates with a dual focus: meticulous documentation of inventory and the secure management of vast resources. EYRIE Logistics isn't just a logistics branch; it's the unseen architect behind the entire syndicate's success.




Offering full FPS equipment services and logistics missions




Locate, Acquire, Deliver.

Our veteran procurement teams procure the best equipment in the verse no matter at what cost

A web store offering a full-service online store with a wide range of FPS weapons and rare gear items which we sell to other orgs and give to our own teams 

Our teams are well trained for critical equipment airdrops amid instense battles ​


We support our Eagles by refuelling their ships and fix their systems even in the middle of nowhere.


Be A Part Of Something Big

Joining Logistics means entering a league of the best logistics minds in the game. Its commitment to crafting a narrative of dominance in the galaxy goes beyond moving items; it's about strategic mastery. As the backbone of the syndicate, our influence extends far beyond its warehouses, shaping the very fabric of Star Citizen's dynamic universe.


In the vastness of space, where success hinges on more than firepower, Eagle River Syndicate Logistics reigns supreme.

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Our Roles

Our branch takes up these roles, and we effectively train our members to provide support and knowledge where it is necessary to their gameplay and operation within the org:


Ship Maintenance/System Distribution:


With scarcity increasing, and expansion into a larger system in the near future, all divisions venturing into Pyro will need an available response team for any potential setbacks including refuelling, repairing, and re-equipping their systems. This can also be brought to the home station of each division by logistics supply lines, ensuring everyone has product readily available.


Build and Maintain Bases:


Land claims in the near future will have to be maintained readily, including the import of systems, fuels, resources, and other necessary goods for the settlement to thrive in the new system.


Manage Communications:


In sight of more ambitious operations, communications will be chaotic unless a system is in place to organize messages between the proper teams working together on an operation: including training for radio etiquette, providing contacts, and relaying service requests to the proper parties.


Streamlining of QM distribution:


Prospects are welcomed into the Logistics division as a specialists. They will take on duties of a quartermaster in groups, maintaining warehouses overseen by higher ranking logistics members and running larger distribution networks throughout Stanton, eventually taking on Pyro supply missions.


Mission Data Tracking:


We record information on completed supply/retrieval operations to ensure needs are met for the entire organization. This includes the taking of supply requests from all divisions for goods/equipment. If anyone does not have something they feel could be used to better their mission outcomes or their survivability in the new system, we plan to prioritize their needs.

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