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We don't want our recruits to get lost in the system

We provide orientation

It can be hard to join something new. It takes a while to find your feet, fit in and enjoy the benefits an organization like Eagle River has to offer.

We know it can be daunting to jump into a new org and hit the ground running with people you've never met before.

It is even worse if you feel you don't know the game enough yet. It's important to realize we've all been there before!

This is why we have an onboarding program.

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Our objectives

  • Ensure you get a taster of as much of what Eagle River does as possible

  • Introduce you to everyone in smaller groups so you can build up your contacts gently

  • Train you to be better in the verse and to learn our ways and processes

  • Give you time to see if you like us and if we like you before fully commiting


What we do

We start our process when we know you a little. To join us you can just jump on our discord and apply right there by filling out a small form. You'll also need to head over to and put in an application there.

You'll need to spend a few hours on our discord voice so we get to know you and then you'll be able to become a prospect.

You will typically be a prospect fora few weeks to a month, spending a bit of time with each of our branches. Each branch has a set of training objectives to ensure you learn (or already know) some of the fundamentals of the game. When your instructor is happy, you'll be passed onto the next branch.

At the end of the prospect role you'll know the game, you'll know people from our different branches and you'll know what parts of the org interest you most. You can then decide which of our branches to join (Fleet, Marines, Trade & Industry, Logistics, SAR). As you progress you'll develop as an NCO, but if you have aspirations to do more in the org and manage people, opportunities exist to progress as an org officer too.

Successful Interview


  • Get equipped (we'll give you the equipment you need)

  • Learn the best loot spots

  • Learn about storage and collection

  • Learn our logistics processes and what goes into equipping our syndicate

Trade & Industry

  • Make some money

  • Learn about mining and refining

  • Learn about salvage

  • Learn about space trucking routes

  • Learn how to dodge pirates and our op processes


  • Get a taste of what our marines do

  • Get a glimpse into our standard operating procedures and comms


  • Get a taste of the fleet

  • Get some basic combat experience

  • Learn how to survive in a fight with the org

Completion of induction

  • Report back to Logistics and trade in that Eaglet armor for either full Eagle or Branch colors.

Join a branch

  • Deepen your specializations

  • Learn more about your chosen field

  • Work with other specialists to be the best we can

Choose your own order in which to complete the steps by signing up for the regular onboarding events within the org.

Is this overkill? We don't think so. We have seen to many new members join and just get lost in the background noise. We want to create the best possible experience for all our members and that means we have to show them what is on offer.

Even if you're the best pilot in Star Citizen we won't fast track you straight to fleet, because if you don't know how the rest of our org works and the people in it, you won't be as valuable to us as someone who does.

We clearly won't teach you what you already know but the experience of spending time with each branch is so valuable we won't skip it.

If you're totally new to the game, you'll come out of this process with more knowledge and experience than you would have achieved in many months of playing on your own. You'll know hints, tips, tricks, workarounds and you'll have seen a lot of what Star Citizen has to offer for both solo and group play.

If this is of interest to you then apply today!


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