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Restructure and Promotions

The time has come to adjust our structure and to focus on the things we do best. We are pleased to announce some big changes in EYRIE. Firstly, we have merged our medical services with the marines. This allows us to be more combat-medic focused and to give our marines more paths to action, especially relevant with the increasing number of fake medical beacons. The leader of our medical branch Capt. EnRaven will join the marine leadership team.

For a quite a while now, our marines have run a quartermaster service which has kept the entire team combat ready. With the changes in 3.19 the role of the team can be expanded to ensure our fleet and industry benefit as much as the marines have in the past. For this reason, we have decided to turn Logistics into a fully-fledged branch within the Eagle River Syndicate. As part of these changes and ready for the next wave of expansion we are also making the following promotions:


OId rank

New Rank













We're very pleased that despite poor patches and massive problems with access to the game the Eagle River Syndicate remains strong and very active. A large part of which is due to the hard work of the people mentioned above. We look forward to 3.19 and the hope that the rest of our members will finally be able to make it into the game to reap the rewards of these changes.


If you are looking for a Star Citizen organization that is active and provides opportunities for both PvP players and gentler pursuits such as mining, salvaging and trade then we're open for new members now. Check out our recruitment page and apply today.

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