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Eagles provide security consultancy

Three teams of Eagle River Marines boarded and fought for the control of another org's 890 Jump tonight. Their mission; to test the security forces that guarded the high-net-worth clients of our contractor.

Their security staff put up a valiant fight, keeping our fireteams on their toes and coming up with innovative strategies to slow down the onslaught. Our attacks allowed them to experience live fire and to refine their tactics and processes.

Our teams were able to refine their boarding skills ready for 3.18 and newly promoted team members were able to stretch their wings and prove their metal. After a short mission brief from Capt. Hatzville, the team leads stepped up and got the job done.

Our practice sessions certainly paid off and we'd like to thank some of our fleet and miners for playing the role of Opfor in the training event.

Special thanks go out to the team who organized this (you know who you are), the opposition who gave us such a valiant fight and especially to our quarter master who managed to source all of the equipment needed overnight after the game decided to delete all his hard work of the weeks before!

Our QM even managed to find a cooler of beer for the after-party, we won't ask where from!


If you're fed up with playing Star Citizen on your own or your current org doesn't create content that gets your pulse racing, then apply to join us! We're looking for more marines right now and continue to expand our org-vs-org event calendar with activities to keep the fun flowing!

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