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Eagles provide event security for XGR

Running a tour with a fully packed 890J through the wilds of Stanton unmolested is no small task.

Our friends at XGR (Extreme G Racing) are working hard to bring the thrill of e-sports to the Star Citizen verse. They recently started running tours and asked for our help with security.

Some of our marines attended the first day and we were happy to supply our own 890J "The Eagle River Syndicate" for the event. We were of course ready to respond if things got nasty. The event went well with external threats being quickly neutralized by the combat wing of Legacy Fleet who provided excellent security cover. On the second day, the LF team were unable to attend and we were asked by XGR to step up and take on the security for the whole event. Even at short notice we were happy to respond and placed a marine security detail on the tour ship and created a scout and fleet attack team to keep the ship safe from external threats.

Whilst the guests enjoyed the tour of Stanton and marvelled at the formation flying of the XGR display team, our team identified and removed hostiles that had infiltrated the tour with the intention of creating Star Citizen's own 1121 event.

The tour continued safe from both internal and external threats. The clients were able to enjoy drinks at Benny Henge, walks on Wala and cave diving on Daymar along with visiting many of the race-circuits that XGR will be rocketing around!

Tours are a great way to explore what Star Citizen has to offer, you get to see things that you may never have visited before, hear the lore and to meet people from all areas of the game. I'm sure the team over at XGR will do more such events in the future and can only recommend them!

More information about XGR can be found on their website.


If you're into events like this and enjoy being more than a spectator then talk to us! We're looking for people who enjoy all types of PvP. If you enjoy FPS or you love to feel the kick of those laser repeaters then reach out to us. We even have our own racers who are really looking forward to getting more involved with the experts in the field over at XGR! Pop onto our discord to find out more! You can also apply to join us right here.

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Dec 04, 2022

A great video from the XGR team, showing the event, can be found here:

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