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Join Us

If you:

  • Enjoying working with a team,

  • Are active in voice communications,

  • Love events and activities,

  • Want to improve your skills,

  • Want to help others improve,

  • Like aUEC,

then, The Eagle River Syndicate is for you. 

We speak English and are active on EU, US and AUS servers.

If you'd like to join The Eagle River Syndicate (Eyrie) then please fill out the form.

We do need to get to know you before we can fully process your application so best jump on our discord and play with us for a while too!

If you have questions then check out our FAQ's or join our discord and ask away!

Privacy note:

You will have to provide a valid email address and both your RSI handle and your Discord ID on the form.


Your email address will required to invite you to logon to certain closed areas of our site and may be used for us to reach out to you for important messages. We will not spam you or pass your details onto others.

We are totally happy that you create an email address just for this purpose but you will need to verify that it is a valid address by reacting to a confirmation. 

You will note that we do not force you to provide a real name although we're friendly and would love to know your first name at least!

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