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DALL·E 2023-12-03 14.13.30 - Highly realistic image of Belinda Pfaffenbach, founder of the

Great things start from humble beginnings.

Who We Are

The Eagle River Syndicate is a Star Citizen organization.


We have different lines of business, including legitimate trades such as mining, trading, salvaging. We also carry out activities that may classed as illegal in some systems. 

We enjoy the interactions with other orgs and hold frequent inter-org events. We provide services to other groups within the verse including security and supply services.

Our branches allow our more serious members to focus and develop, but we also provide a rich environment and home for casual players. 

We expect our members to keep their word, not to bait and to generally enhance the community experience, even if that experience is piracy!

Explore to find out more about us, submit an application if you'd like to join!


Latest News


Environmental protection


Find out about our important environmental work on Lyria, protecting the Quanthare from over-mining!


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