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Eagle River Syndicate is a proud partner of OD3ICA

We're proud to be a partner of OD3ICA which creates an open and inclusive voice communications network for the entire community and also helps orgs such as ours solve some of their own communications challenges.

Voice communications is a huge problem in Star Citizen right now, most orgs turning to their own solutions with tools like Discord, Guilded and TeamSpeak. These tools are all well and good but create silos that isolate orgs from the community, OD3ICA changes that.

With a strong frequency allocation structure from verse wide comms through to dedicated emergency channels, OD3ICA is an exciting community-led contribution to the verse. We're excited to meet more of the community on the airways!

To use OD3ICA you need to install DCS-SRS which has been a fantastic success at bringing realistic communication stacks to DCS pilots. The install and configuration of the open-source stack takes a few minutes and the benefits are instant. Find out more at

OD3ICA Partners

We're proud to be working with the great orgs behind OD3ICA!

OD3ICA Spacecomms Relay Service, reliable verse-wide, unburdened by state monitoring and tracking. Get involved now!

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