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Jumptown is over, now what?

Jumptown brought a few good PvP fights, we had a lot of fun with DPRN and H2CC and it showed us that we've improved our fleet capabilities dramatically since we last played the event. Thanks to not only Scat for his training programme and 0-to-hero course but also to the dedication of the fleet guys who have obviously been practicing a lot!

Jumptown always creates piles of salt, it's amazing that a large percentage of the SC community is happier forming conga lines of boxes, than enjoying the thrill of battle. We watched in fascination as one of these casual groups formed and proceeded to milk the event without so much as a single shot fired. On other servers, that single shot caused chaos and the snows of Yela may have actually just been pure salt.

Things we noticed:

  • An A2 still causes instant panic

  • Taking down the comms array causes instant panic

  • The change to ground vehicles made them somewhat more useful

  • The Ballista still rocks

  • Players like conga lines and PvP at Jumptown is, harder to find than you'd expect

  • You can only get a good fight against other orgs

  • Once in JT defending it is easy, CIG really need to put in more entrances

  • The profit is great if you're a small group, but with a large group it's just not worth it, better to just have the fun of the fight.

I also found that a solo A2 can kill a Scorpius or two rather too easily, admittedly poor pilots but that ship needs some love CIG!

So now it's time to make our own sport. We'll certainly be looking at bringing some other orgs into some pre-arranged combat situations for the fun of it!

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