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Eagle River Syndicate Christmas Party

Not all our events are blood-thirsty kill-fests, sometimes we like to kick back with a few beers and just enjoy time with our friends. That's exactly what our Eagles did in our pre-christmas party.

A large group of Eagles jumped on board our Flagship 890 and headed over to Benny Henge with crates full of beer collected in advance by our very own QM Phantom_General and his team. Each member of the crew was strictly rationed to 100 bottles of beer. Along with light drinking, party favourites such as 'here's a suit and a coda pistol, last man standing and holding the Pico is the winner' were played.

Our Marine Captain, Hatzville walked away with the prize having retired countless Eagles from the competition.

The ship sailed on and after some more light drinking and recreational use of medical equipment, a boxing match was held onboard in the vehicle bay. Once again Hatzville emerged triumphant and with rather fewer bruises than he deserved. Prizes were awarded and even with the price of cocktails there, Hatzville will certainly be buying the next million drinks at the bar in New Babbage.

Christmas trees were visited and every Eagle joined in the annual ceremony to burn Luminalia gifts to appease Chris Roberts and ensure a healthy delivery of stable code for the next year.

A ground race finished the 4 hours of fun. Thanks must go to all who attended and to Phantom_General for once again showing off his amazing organizational talents and his ability to make sure that no Eagle was lacking in equipment, beer or medical devices for the festivities!

It's probably safer not to ask about the 'gravity failure' in the 890.


If you want to hang with a fun crew like this then talk to us! We're looking for people who fit in well with our culture and like to get involved in fun events as well as the more serious services and operations. Pop onto our discord to find out more! You can also apply to join us right here.

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