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Kalgurth found his way to the Syndicate by accident. He decided to resign his commission as rear admiral of a wandering fleet with a view to retiring to the country. He had booked an executive retreat at Eagle River and got to know Belinda whilst there.

What surprised him was the number of officers who decided simultaneously to follow him into retreat and motivated him to find a new activity for himself and those around him.

Several beers later, and after a long discussion with Belinda, the Syndicate rapidly had an entire expanded infrastructure with new leadership and a thirst for further expansion. The Syndicate was really born on that day, transforming Belinda's dreams into an Empire.

Belinda's know-how and infromation coupled with Kal's organizational and motivational skills have brought the Syndicate new found success and unprecedented growth. His policies and structures allow for a more controlled expansion and the future looks rosy for the Eagle River Syndicate.

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