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Commodore of The Marines

With the success of the Pfaffenbach's it was essential to develop and invest into security and enforcement to help protect the Organisations invested interests scattered across the intergalactic empire. The branch started off small, several retired UEE Marines hired in as mercenaries to help train and setup some local recruits, which over time grew into the branch it is today.

The high command officer is the formidable Commodore Hatzville. Having cut his teeth on the dark depths of the Intelligence Division, when that was a separate branch of the Eagle River Syndicate. He quickly rose up the ranks that focused on recon, ground-tactics, infiltration and black Op missions.

Under his direction the Marines merged with the Intelligence Division and now lovingly referred to as the M&I. Now after years of successful operations covering many disciplines that tickled Hatzville's funny bone and fuelled his adrenalin, he dedicates his time to building competence and confidence within the M&I.

If the Fleet Branch are the wings and vicious beak of the Eagle River Syndicate, the M&I branch are the eyes and talons of the Organisation. When you don't see him at the shooting range or out in the field, you can find him at the bar raising a beer in memory to his fallen brothers, who sacrificed all for the Eagle River Syndicate M&I.

Captain Hatzville serves with honour and discipline. Ensuring the M&I is of the highest standards so that it can fulfil its duty to our organisation, its allies and its friends.

He inspires us to glory and keeps the talons and eyes of the M&I sharp!

-- For who we are, and what we have --

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