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Belinda migrated with her parents from Earth to Microtech when she was very young. She still thinks of herself as a Minnesota Pfaffenbach, but is really a Microtech girl to the core.

Whilst her parents were important members of the Microtech ruling class, she was more at home in forests and wilderness of Microtech. She felt the need to connect the two parts of her life and established an executive holiday home business around Eagle River some 400km from the bustle of New Babbage. The local residents loved the time in the nature, away from the snow, and flocked to her.

From her experience with the upper echelons of the society, she fitted in well with her visitors and started to collect a gold mine of information on trade routes, deals and developed a nose for the political intrigue. She started to leverage this information and these ventures rapidly grew

She was joined by her right hand man Kalgurth, who had previously lived a more nomadic lifestyle and had decided it was time to establish a stable base. Together they have taken the Eagle River Syndicate into the Organization it is today.

Belinda now rests mainly in the back office, leveraging her sources and identifying new opportunities leaving the day to day implementation to Kalgurth and his captains. Belinda's special interest in nature has also prompted her to devote more of her spare time to conservation activities. She has leveraged the resources of the entire Syndicate to protect Lyria from overmining on many occasions.

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