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Commodore of Industry & Commerce

This man started his career as a combat medic where a bright future lay ahead. He was promoted to Captain early and he was already then obsessed with finding ways of making fast money. He made money so quickley that he started his own bank. The bank of Ender is now sold to Eagle River Syndicate an is now the organisation's bank.

After a tragic incident where he was sent on a rescue mission, he was pirated, and almost died inside this Carrack full of pirates. No one really knows what happen inside the Carrack, but it is said that Ender walked funny for week's after the incident.

After a short period of rehabilitation, he was relocated to the Industry & Commerce branch. He quickly showed that this was the right field of work. He is obsessed with how to make the most money per minute, and spends hours on testing different methods.

He is dedicated and spends hours a week in the verse. He is not a good combat pilot, but knows how to operate all of the ships in the verse. He loves his Wife, Kids and dog, and spends his weekends with them. Commodore Ender treats his employees kindly and his closest friends tend to follow him where he goes.

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