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Rank Level:


Senior Officer

NCO Title:

NCO Abbreviation:

Chief Petty Officer

CO Title:



CO Abbreviation:


NCO Requirements:

  • Must act as a role model for their branch and the org when able to play

  • Must be helpful and supportive of others

  • Must exemplify org values

  • Is expected to support and occasionally run onboarding sessions

  • Is expected to provide support and input into org development

CO Requirements:

  • Must be very active (more than 6 hours per week on average). 

  • Must demonstrate strong leadership capabilities and excellent interpersonal skills. 

  • Must be capable of liasing with other branches and have strong relations with them. 

  • Must show strategic aptitude. 

  • Must demonstrate strong org loyalty and exemplify org values. 

  • Must have lived up to the responsibilites of the previous rank.

NCO Responsibilities:

  • Get in discord chat when playing and able

  • Abide by org values and follow comms etiquette

  • Sign up for events you wish to attend, adjust your attendance status if things change

  • Turn up for events on time, at the right place, with no crimestat and with the correct org equipment

  • Help with training and onboarding

  • Help in an advisory role to senior officers

  • Follow the directions of superiors, support juniors

CO Responsibilities:

  • Semi-High expectations. 

  • Is expected to set-up and run events. 

  • To ensure that regular events are being held for onboarding and certifications within the branch, stepping in where Lieutenants are unable to cover. 

  • To coach and support lieutenants and coordinate event frequencies, plans etc. 

To provide input into the operation of the org itself, helping develop new certifications, training courses and events for the playbooks.

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