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Rank Level:


Senior Officer

NCO Title:

NCO Abbreviation:

Senior Chief Petty Officer

CO Title:



CO Abbreviation:


NCO Requirements:

  • Must act as a role model for their branch and org when able to play

  • Must exmplify org values

  • Must be helpful and supportive of others

  • Is expected to provide support and input into org development

  • Is expected to support and occasionally run onboarding sessions

  • Must put org support before personal playtime when available

CO Requirements:

  • Must   be very active (more than 8 hours per week on average). 

  • Must demonstrate strong leadership capabilities and excellent interpersonal skills. 

  • Must be capable of liasing  with other branches and have strong relations with them. 

  • Must show strategic aptitude. 

  • Must demonstrate strong org loyalty and exemplify org values. 

  • Must have lived up to the responsibilites of the previous rank.

NCO Responsibilities:

  • Get in discord chat when playing and able

  • Abide by org values and follow comms etiquette

  • Sign up for events you wish to attend, adjust your attendance status if things change

  • Turn up for events on time, at the right place, with no crimestat and with the correct org equipment

  • Help with training and onboarding

  • Help in an advisory role to senior officers

  • Follow the directions of superiors, support juniors

CO Responsibilities:

  • High expectations. 

  • To ensure that regular events are being held and to step in and run training, onboarding etc. as required. 

  • To coach and evaluate Lt. Commanders. 

  • Is expected to design new events and certifications together with flag officers. Is expected to be a 'key figure' within the branch and is close enough to the branch members to have an excellent awareness of issues, capabilities and character. 

  • Is expected to review recommendations for promotions from Lieutentants and recommend those promotions through to flag officers. Where a commander does not think a promotion is appropriate they should liase with the lieutenant to better understand the case and create a plan to support the individuals with progression. 

  • They are able to liase with other orgs during larger events and act as a strong org ambassador (they are not authorized to create new relationships with orgs, but may recommend them).

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