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Rank Level:


Flag Officer

NCO Title:

NCO Abbreviation:


CO Title:



CO Abbreviation:


NCO Requirements:


CO Requirements:

  • Must be very active (more than 8 hours per week on average). 

  • Must demonstrate strong leadership capabilities and excellent interpersonal skills. 

  • Must be capable of liasing with other branches and have strong relations with them. 

  • Must be capable of developing the operational structure and concept for the branch. 

  • Must be capable of assessing and coaching more junior officers. 

  • Must have a strong drive that is focused on the branch and the org development. 

  • Must be capable of engaging in org problem solving, direction setting and 

  • Must demonstrate strong org loyalty and exemplify org values. 

  • Must have lived up to the responsibilites of the previous rank.

NCO Responsibilities:


CO Responsibilities:

  • Extreme expectations.

  • This is the second highest administrative rank within the org.

  • The role strongly supports the development of the org.

  • This is the first Flag role to be focused on the requirement of the leadership team and is right hand to the senior flag officers.

  • This is a highly strategic and administrative role.

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