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Rank Level:


Junior Officer

NCO Title:

NCO Abbreviation:

Able Specialist

CO Title:



CO Abbreviation:


NCO Requirements:

  • Must have 3 certifications related to their branch 

  • Must also have 1 certification from another part of the org

Note, certificate levels count as seperate certifications.

CO Requirements:

  • Must have reached the rank of Specialist. 

  • Must be keen to take on a leadership role. 

  • Must be very active (more than 2 hours per week) on average. 

  • Must have the same certifications as Able Specialist

NCO Responsibilities:

  • Get in discord chat when playing and able

  • Abide by org values and follow comms etiquette

  • Sign up for events you wish to attend, adjust your attendance status if things change

  • Turn up for events on time, at the right place, with no crimestat and with the correct org equipment

  • Follow the directions of superiors, support juniors

CO Responsibilities:

  • Minimal expectations. 

  • This is very much the first step on the ladder.

  • Ensign's will be expected to support senior officers with training, onboarding and event set up.

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