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Rank Level:


Flag Officer

NCO Title:

NCO Abbreviation:


CO Title:



CO Abbreviation:


NCO Requirements:


CO Requirements:

Must be very active (more than 8 hours per week on average). 

Must demonstrate strong leadership capabilities and excellent interpersonal skills. 

Must be capable of  developing the operational structure and concept for the org. 

Must be capable of assessing and coaching more junior officers.

Must have a strong drive that is focused on the org development. 

Must exemplify org values. Must have lived   up to the responsibilites of the previous rank.

NCO Responsibilities:


CO Responsibilities:

  • Extreme expectations. 

  • To set overall direction and support the officers in moving the org along successfully. 

  • To review, tailor and approve plans from senior officers. 

  • To act as final arbiter for conflict resolution. 

  • To keep a 'finger on the pulse' and ensure the harmony of the operation of the various branches. 

  • To ensure the development of the various materials and standards within the org, including certifcations, rank progressions, training material etc. 

  • To set up and drive promotion events. 

  • To foster relations with other orgs. 

  • To act as final arbiter and veto point of all org decisions.

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