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Any time zone

Job Type:

Junior Officer

About the Role

We are looking to expand our membership. At the moment our focus is EU and US timezones, but we are also open to expanding into the AUS servers.

We are looking for a small number of recruiters to find good candidates and feed them through to our CSS process.


Recruiters are expected to be social and to reach out to players both in game and creativly (i.e. social media, public discords, spectrum).

You will be expected to:

  • Act as an ambassador for the org to the public

  • Activily seek new members

  • Work with the command team to generate any necessary marketing material (on brand)

  • Pre-screen candidates to ensure they're over 18

  • Bring new candidates to our discord and to our website

  • Work with the CSS to keep onboarding slick

  • Work with the command team to fill specific gaps

The primary goal is the expansion of the org so we are looking to recruit in all areas. However, the recruitment team will work together with command to determine our current gaps and to develop strategies to target those gaps.

Additional Information

This team will be vital for supporting the org in its expansion. The target for a recruiter would be no more than 5 new members in a week. We want to grow but not excessively fast.

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