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Event Coordinator

Any time zone

Job Type:


About the Role

We are looking to organize more events within the org. Whilst the various branches are responsible for generating events around their own specialities, we are looking for an event coordinator (or 2) to generate cross-functional events for the org.


The Event Coordinator will be able to create and manage complex inter-branch events. They will have a good knowledge of the capabilities of the game and develop scenarios for both our expert and newer players. The Event Coordinator will also develop events that can be run with other orgs and will also be able to deal with the large numbers of players and complexity that inter-org events generate.

They must be good at:

  • Creating scenarios

  • Establishing rules

  • Generating communication material for officers and participants

  • Coordinating large numbers of people

They will be expected to:

  • Organize at least one large event per month

  • Create and maintain playbooks for events to allow them to be easily re-used

  • React to feedback after the large events and continiously improve the events

Additional Information

The Event Coordinator role will help us bring cross-functional content to our members and the wider SC community. It will have to work closely with the command team and potentially with the command of other orgs.

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