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CSS Officer

Any time zone

Job Type:


About the Role

The CSS team is our 'HR' and is responsible for bringing new members into the organization and supporting their integration into our team.

We are looking for a number of CSS officers to support the expansion of the org in all timezones,


The job requires good social skills as you will be interviewing and supporting new members of the team. You will use your judgement to determine if the candidates are a good fit for the Eagle River Syndicate and will carry out background checks to see if there are any obvious risks on accepting the candidate.

The Job entails:

  • Recruiting new members

  • Responding to applications from the website

  • Running background checks on canditates

  • Interviewing new applications

  • Granting roles and rights to new members

  • Onboarding new members

  • Helping to support new members

  • Discord moderation

  • Dealing with 'HR' issues (with the support of the command team)

This is quite a time intensive job. An interview and background checks typically take around an hour. We aim to build up a small team of people to cover all timezones but it still requires some active monitoring of mailboxes and rapid engagement with players.

If you can't usually give a minimum of 2-3 hours a week, this isn't the job for you!

Additional Information

This is an important role as we intend to grow the organization over the next months.

The CSS act as our gatekeepers but also as our first contact with potential recruits.

We are looking for multiple members of the team to support US, AUS and EU.

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