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Sat, 26 Nov


Star Citizen - Microtech

Hunger Games

An Org vs Org hunger games style event. Teams of 10 fighting with only what they can carry.

Hunger Games
Hunger Games

Time & Location

26 Nov 2022, 19:00

Star Citizen - Microtech

About the event

At this time the Games will be held on Saturday November 26th, exact time to be determined. A 5km wide Location has been established on microtech and will be unknown to the teams until the wargames begin, i will say this though, do not worry about snow storms they will not be a problem. It has been confirmed that it takes 5-6min to travel from the edge of the boundary to the center of the location

Please have everyone on your teams geared up and ready for transport from port tressler the day/night prior to the event to allow for smooth transition over to the location of the games!

If the games persist into the planets night cycle they will continue and not be changing location, however the goal is undoubtedly to have the majority of the games be held at daytime

Whatever you can carry on your person or in your backpack is the only gear you will have throughout the games unless you loot the dead bodies, reminder to not forget water and food, and plenty of ammunition and supplies “tractor beams" will be useful for getting teammates out of sticky situations

Any and all gear is permitted for use with the exception of: Railguns and Grenade Launchers and Missile launchers, “use common sense”

There is a rule of only 2 snipers per team, this is to prevent any single team from having a major advantage

If the sniper on your team dies you can of course loot the body and take the sniper, you may not acquire extra sniper rifles from the dead bodies of enemy teams

Ground Vehicles: Ground vehicles will not be permitted or available for the games

If the glitch of not being able to drink or hold water bottles occurs a cutlass red will be deployed to assist dehydration. This will only occur at ten percent h2o

Teams are not allowed to camp in a single 50 meter position for longer than 10min and will be patrolled, this is void if in an active shoot out however at the end of the engagement the team must move

Each team is required to have one person share their screen on discord so that the patrol team can better monitor locations and distance without giving away other teams positions

Registration for members only on our discord

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