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Air Superiority

Who are we?

The Eagle River Syndicate fleet is primarily a PvP function. Whilst the fleet trains our less ship-combat-focused teams, the fleet keeps the sky and space above it safe, free and clear for our operations.

The fleet is not just a place where we hang out and look cool or a place where we have to duck to avoid all the underwear that gets thrown at them, it is a place of hard work and dedication. The journey from zero to hero is a long and arduous one, only those with the drive to succeed and the attitude of a winner will make it.


Stepping into the world of space commerce

Each discipline within trade and industry has its development plan to help players progress and take on more responsibility within the division. Full training is given to ensure pilots can fly large industrial ships without losing valuable resources or time. Traders are taught to understand the legal and illegal markets, and salvagers are taught how to salvage and run operations at scale.

Once you acquire your eagle tag (you will be given the eagle status upon successful completion of your prospect journey) and wish to begin your T&I career, you will be onboarded into the division.





  • Reputation Building

  • Cover-Ups & Illegal Missions

  • Group Sessions

  • Wrecks - Combat AOs

  • Prospector/Solo Mining

  • Scouting

  • Understanding Mineable Minerals

  • Understanding Modules, Mining Heads & Gadgets

  • Refinery Methods & How To Sell Refined Materials?

  • Using Regolith Tool

  • ROC Mining

  • Understanding Trade Routes

  • Understanding Commodity Demand & Price Changes

  • Piracy - Working with Fleet

  • Requesting Fleet Escort

  • Trading Illegal Cargo/Drugs

  • Understanding Interdictions




Branch Uniform

(If you choose to be a member of T&I) 

Trade & Industry are a relaxed and sociable crew and they'll be happy to take you on as many operations as possible to get used to them, their methods and the game dynamics. You can start your training straight away and will soon be seeing the aUEC flood your account.


Branch Economy

Branch Budget

The branch has a credit pool, we refer to it as our budget. A share of aUEC from T&I group sessions goes into the budget in addition to member donations. This fund allows us to buy necessary equipment and ships for the branch. Branch members can loan credits from the fund (subject to the availability of funds and a valid reason) at a rate of interest of just 5-6% and this feature is exclusive to T&I branch members.

Budget & ORG Bank

Every month, we assess the expenses of the branch and set budgets. By the end of the month, any surplus found above the budget will be transferred to the EYRIE Org Bank (i.e., Belinda Pffafenbach player account). If the branch falls below the required budget, the deficit is filled up by the EYRIE org bank.


aUEC Profit Split - Group Sessions

When it comes to splitting profits from group sessions, especially in Trade and Industry activities like mining, trading, or salvage, a fair and efficient system is crucial for maintaining group harmony and motivation. It's a vital aspect for the syndicate, renowned for our expertise in this area. Our success in profit sharing stems from our meticulously organized approach, transparent communication, and adaptability to varying in-game scenarios. This proficiency not only boosts morale among the branch members but also optimizes resource allocation, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Eagle River Syndicate's exceptional handling of profit sharing sets us apart, making us a top choice for players seeking a balanced and rewarding org experience in the dynamic universe of Star Citizen.




  • The ship owner CAN add the cost of salvage sites/missions, fuel and repairs to the total operation cost.

  • Crew members of the operation must get their share IMMEDIATELY after the recycled cargo is sold.

  • For VULTURE operations (solo crew), the split is EQUAL amongst all the crew members (the cargo hauler counts as a crew member).

  • In VULTURE operations, the Operation Manager will be the Cargo Hauler, who will accept the contracts and sell the RMC (Recycled Material Composite). It is their discretion if they wish to deduct the operation cost as expenses.


  • The ship owner CAN add the cost of extra modules, gadgets, refining cost and fuel to the total cost. Crew members of the operation must get their share AFTER the sale of the refined materials is complete.

  • Group session info MUST be logged in the Mining Google Doc. (Refer to the pinned link in the mining text channel)

  • Ship owners NEED NOT be a pilot, but must be present on the ship in one of the roles.


  • The ship owner CAN add the cost of fuel and repairs to the total operation cost.

  • The fleet escort share (up to 20%) will be EQUALLY split amongst all the escort crew.

  • 10% Downpayment to Fleet Escort (Of Expected Sale) + 10% for Combat Engagement - Hazard Pay (PvP).

  • Fleet escort downpayment is mandatory.

  • Bonus Hazard pay is an additional bonus for effective combat engagement and successful pursuit of other players (only PvP).

  • If an engineer is absent, the hauler gets the engineer’s share.

More Branch Resources

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